Recruiting Information

The following HVVC players have committed to these schools (see our Alumni page for college commitments from earlier years)

Recently Signed Players!

Signed/Unsigned Players


Name Position Height Block Touch Approach Touch Commitment
Giacomini, Gina  OH/RS University of Michigan Dearborn
Sovitch, Olivia OH/DS Lourdes University
Carlock, Payton DS Unsigned
Bunch, Jane MB/RS Unsigned
Hesse, Olivia MB/RS Unsigned
Ammon, Zoey Setter Unsigned
Gallagher, Mary MB/RS Unsigned
Den Boer, Gabrielle OH/DS Concordia University
Giacomini, Sabrina Setter University of Michigan Dearborn


Name Position Height Block Touch Approach Touch Commitment
Finkbeiner, Emily DS/L Unsigned
Howden, Liz OH/MB Unsigned
White, Nina MB/RS Unsigned
Duffield, Mikaylah S/OH Unsigned
Chey, Josie DS/L Unsigned
Vandegrift, Peyton OH/DS Unsigned
Desselles, Verity S/RS Unsigned
Duncan, Chloe OH/DS Unsigned
 Lawrence, Grace OH/RS Unsigned
Richardson, Alyssa OH/DS Unsigned
 Dent, Courtney MB/RS Unsigned

Useful Links

NCAA Recruiting– recruiting rules and regulations for all NCAA divisions.

University Athlete (free for athletes) – The primary service used by college volleyball coaches in finding and contacting athletes at national events.  All athletes competing should register themselves.

Recruiting Registry (free for athletes) – This site will assist female prep athletes (and college transfers) in getting your name and bio out to college recruiters.

NCAA Eligibility Center – Student-athlete website for college-bound students.

Parchment – Transfer e-transcripts between schools.

Prepvolleyball Message Board (free) – Contains listings for recruiting showcases and a “College Talk” volleyball forum dedicated to parents and athletes preparing for college volleyball.

NCAA Guide (free) – NCAA guide to college athletics.

The College Volleyball Coach (free)- Recruiting from a college coach’s perspective. ($25/yr) – The most comprehensive site dedicated to Club and High school volleyball.  Contains current and educational articles for athletes, parents and coaches to help them through the high school years and college recruiting.  Notably, has the “college needs list”: a list of player-help-wanted for all college volleyball programs.

Rich Kern (pay site) – “Dedicated to promoting women’s volleyball”; The primary source for college volleyball information.


Recruiting DVDs

We will be hosting recruiting DVD skills taping sessions. These sessions will be run by Rody Foco (HVVC club director), Ken Seiler (HVVC Coach Coordinator) and other college coaches to prepare DVDs that prospective college recruits can send to college coaches. Cost is $120 for 2012 HVVC members and $180 for others (includes 3 DVD copies). For more information or to reserve a session, email us, or call the HVVC office at (734) 975-0362.

Last updated 1/25/16