HVVC Extra Contacts

HVVC Board President  – Christy Howden  HVVC.president@gmail.com
HVVC Hotels  – contact for questions regarding hotels at travel tournaments
HVVC Volunteer for working HVVC weekend tournaments to earn credit towards volleyball fees

HVVC Bits of Wisdom

Match Day Expectations

  • Plan to arrive and be ready to play on court 45 mins before 1st match or ref time (so that might mean arriving 1 hour early to figure out parking etc.)
  • The players are expected to stay at the venue for the duration of the match and including any last reffing session at the end of the day– the team leaves together.
  • Pack nutritious lunch/snacks, high protein especially for multi-day tournaments
  • Parents bring a chair  – never know the setup of the gym sometimes there are bleachers sometimes not.
  • Parents always carry $5 cash for admission per person (not player)
  • Teams will help officiate when they are not playing.  It’s helpful if each player has their own whistle (can buy whistles for <$10 at most sporting goods stores).
  • Players should get a good night sleep the night before especially for morning wave, at travel tournaments the players need to get as much rest as possible, these events are for the girls to perform at optimal level not a vacation.
  • Team Meals- sometimes at travel tournaments team may choose to have lunch or dinner together, ideal places allow for reservation, reasonable price point entrees around $10-12 ideas Panera, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Busters etc.  Best way to split the bill at large tables have the girls order with their uniform number and parents use the same number., Another option when staying at a hotel is to bring in trays of food from Meijer (chicken, salads, veg and fruit trays etc.)



  • National Players are expected to wear HVVC sweatpants and jacket over uniform at all tournaments
  • Teams may choose to wear hair ribbons with a team theme for each tournament.  Sign up for ribbon duty may be handled by team parent



  • Teams may have food tables when venue allows.  Families bring nutrition snacks in the form of a potluck for all girls.  Make sure someone brings a table!.
  • Always have some nutritious snacks in players backpack, for example ideally high protein, protein bars, jerky
  • SignUpGenius (http://www.signupgenius.com/) is a great free website for organizing team tournament potlucks.
    • Example of items for sign-up
      • Table
      • Paper Products (napkins, forks, knives?, spoons?)
      • vegetable tray
      • fruit tray
      • granola bars
      • small sandwiches or wraps – small portions
      • yogurt
      • cheese/crackers
      • pasta salad
      • treat



  • When you receive hotel block information, make the reservation within 24 hours before you forget since these blocks are reserved at big tournaments where every room is allocated for club volleyball.  If you miss the opportunity to stay with the team near the venue you will probably end up with a more expensive room further out.


Things to do while your player is practicing

  • Parents are welcome to watch practice
  • Saline Public Library in right around the corner on Maple Rd, – free wifi, great kids section
  • Shopping – Costco, Walmart and Meijer are all nearby
  • Exercise Saline Rec Center is just up the road- daily fee is $8